Sunday, January 18, 2015

Guest Author Rosanne Dingli

Hello all, thank you for visiting JoAnne's Blog. This week I have the talented Rosanne Dingli. Please make her welcome and don't forget the comments. Thank you.

Rosanne Dingli has been writing fiction successfully for well over 25 years. Her award-winning short fiction is collected in six volumes. Four novels, with a fifth on the way in 2015, are also popular with her readers, who today are spread far and wide all over the world. She lives and writes full-time in Western Australia. Originally from Malta, in the Mediterranean, she bases her fiction in European locations, but always includes Australian protagonists. Find out more about this author on her website, visit her Amazon author page, and take part in her Goodreads Giveaways.

Rosanne writes cultural adventures with a hint of mystery, history, and romance. They include art, music, history, literature, jewellery, antiques, travel, and a bit of philosophy. Her references are fun rather than demanding or heavy, and have been known to send readers searching to check on her facts, find her locations, and read further on the subjects she chooses.

To mark her presence on this blog, Rosanne is giving away an eBook edition of her popular collection of stories The Bookbinder’s Brother to be drawn from names of those who comment below. The collection brings together this author’s published and awarded stories from the early days. Write a comment to be included in the draw!



  1. Hi Rosanne. My, you do get around. :) I want readers to know that I have read and loved four of your books - so far. I only wish I had more time to read. I want to see that yellow teapot again - and Brynn Aubry.

  2. Yvonne - if only all fans were as keen, loyal, friendly, and reliable as you! Thank you.