Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Update for Cat Haven

Hello friends, Cat Haven is an organization dedicated to the spaying and neutering of stray cats.

Did you know cats have rights. They have rights because they were created by God. All cats should be treated equally like humans. Cats are species like humans. They are just living their own life and trying to survive the world and trying to live in peace. No cat should be abused. Cats are like humans who eat, sleep and care for their babies. Children in the future won’t see any cat if people keep abusing or killing these beautiful and helpless creatures. All people and cats should live together in peace. If you are against the abuse, neglect and killing of cats, please give to Cat Haven. It is a crime to kill cats. The world has changed now. Animal Rights is now the greatest Social Justice issue since the abolition of slavery. Imagine a world that is peaceful. Humans and felines living as one big family. Providing companionship to one another. Thank you for listening to my speech. I hope someday all people should realize that cats have rights and should not be abused and killed. Please donate. Our furry friends need your  help. http://www.gofundme.com/cathaven_Logan

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