Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Truth Behind the Lies

Hello and welcome to JoAnne's Blog and this weeks Paranormal Love Wednesday Blog Hop. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from a short story, “The Truth Behind the Lies", one tale from my paranormal anthology, “Wicked Intentions”.

 Blurb:  Solving the brutal murder of American born Ruthie Geil becomes a gauntlet of attacks and more murders for Federal Police Inspector Ian Christian. Between the victims family, ex-lovers, and ghostly occurrences on Norfolk Island, the killer is closer than anyone realizes.
Excerpt: As I approached my car, the light of the moon warned me of an approaching shadow. Just before getting clobbered from behind, I ducked the tree branch that swung at me and came up with a right cross. My foe fell backwards onto a section of landscaping, ripping up a galley of tropical flowers. At that moment, I got a whiff of familiar aftershave and immediately recognized the scent belonging to Bobby Fee. I approached the jerk that now lay on the ground and said, “You’re no match for me.”
He humbly nodded in agreement. Believing him remorseful for the attempted throw down, I offered him a hand up. He graciously accepted, only to con me again by blinding me with a scoop of sand hidden in his free hand. He then grabbed me around my waist and slammed me to the ground, knocking the wind out of me momentarily. He got in a few good punches before I rebounded with savage fury. I got him into a headlock and with my free hand pounded bumps into his skull until he begged for mercy.
“I give up! I give up!” he wailed. I released his limp sweaty body, and he slumped to the ground.
“I’m not one of your defenseless female victims,” I shouted. “I should wipe up the ground with you.”
Suddenly a chilly wind brushed over us. “Kill him!” whispered a feminine voice from behind. “Kill him!”
I whirled around to investigate, but there was no one in sight. Was my imagination or the terrestrial night playing tricks on me? Did I really hear a voice, or was it just the mystical wind of the South Seas?
Reviews for Wicked Intentions 
1st Review
5***** on May 2014 by Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team
Review:  “This was a very interesting collection of short stories and all had a touch of the paranormal. Overall, this is a book well worth reading.”
2nd Review
4**** by Tenaya Jacob 2015
Review: “Good ghoulish bedtime stories. Wicked Intentions is a collection of short mysterious tales about love gone wrong and restless souls of the spirit world trespassing in the land of the living. Interesting stories to keep you up at night reading.”
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