Monday, March 23, 2015

Author Spotlight on Steve Freeman

Hello all, thank you for visiting my blog. This week my special author guest is Steve Freeman. He will introduce us to his two new books, Havoc, and The Devil's Due. Please leave comments and thank you.

Havoc: A Novel
Technology So Valuable It Could Change Your Life…Or End it

In Havoc, volume four of "The Blackwell Files" series, vacationing FBI agent Mallory Wilson and boyfriend Alton Blackwell summon all their investigatory skills to stay one step ahead of the murderer of a turncoat scientist, racing to discover stolen, proprietary technology before the murderer’s end game can be set in motion.

Alton passed through the building’s automatic doors and into the warm humidity of the summer evening. He headed into the parking lot, an expanse of asphalt bordered by a sidewalk, beyond which lay a dense grove of trees. On previous visits to the building, he had often observed squirrels darting through the underbrush, but the parking lot’s faux-antique streetlamps couldn’t begin to illuminate the interior of the dark copse now.

As he walked down the sidewalk towards his Explorer, Alton ruminated over the curious series of events. The evening’s investigation had only strengthened his inclination to believe them to be more than a result of chance.

With no distractions beyond the soothing symphony of crickets, Alton seemed to think more clearly in the moist night air than he had in the cramped office. He slowed his pace as the outline of a pattern began to penetrate his thoughts. His mind was on the cusp of forming a connection, of recognizing a common attribute shared by all instances of the cases he was investigating. The noise of squirrels rustling underneath the trees proved a momentary distraction, but he quickly resumed his attempt to identify the solution which lay, tantalizingly, just out of reach.

As Alton struggled to complete the intuitive leap, a blur of motion appeared at the periphery of his vision. His world exploded into a thousand bright lights, then turned utterly dark.
Synopsis for The Devil's Own
Former Army Captain Alton Blackwell never thought he'd return to Afghanistan. Now he has no choice.
While on their honeymoon, cryptologist Alton Blackwell and FBI Agent Mallory Wilson receive a desperate plea for help. Resourceful Afghani teenager Mastana Meer, once instrumental in rescuing a mutual friend from Afghanistan terrorists, finds herself coerced into a nefarious plot by her Al-Qaeda uncle.
Having escaped the clutches of her terrorist uncle, the teen is days away from leaving Kabul for a better life when Alton and Mallory lose all contact with her.
As the former soldiers race to Afghanistan to search for Mastana, they battle Al-Qaeda terrorists, a resurgent cult of evil, and a web of political intrigue in which the label of friend and foe is not easily assigned. The duo must summon all their investigatory powers and combat skills to track down and rescue their young friend before her captors’ evil design can be set in motion.
Blurb for The Devil's Own
Former soldiers Alton Blackwell and Mallory Wilson are pulled back to Afghanistan to rescue a teenage friend whose Al-Qaeda uncle has nefarious plans for her. As they race to recover the teen, they battle Al-Qaeda terrorists, a resurgent cult, and a web of intrigue in which the label of friend and foe is not easily assigned.

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