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Hello all, thank you for being here at JoAnne's Blog, for this week of Paranormal Loves Wednesday Blog Hop. As we all know, the worst monsters are the two-legged kind. That is why I chose an excerpt from "The House on Shady Lane," as my feature post this week. This is one tale in my fantasy anthology, "Loves, Myths, and Monters," published by Melange Books. I love comments so please leave a bunch.

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Blurb:  A seemingly loving family turns out to be serial killers in 1873.
Excerpt:  The siblings walked to the house and found their parents washing up at the horse trough on the side of the house. “Where’s Ricky?” Shelly asked, grabbing Ma’s used and blood-stained towel, and further wiping off.

“He’ll turn up,” Ma said while she and Pa strolled around to the front porch and sat in the cool evening breeze. There, the family discussed how they would divvy up the fresh spoils. Suddenly the last member of the hide and seek team arrived, out of breath and confused.

“Hey, Shelly, where’s my brothers?” he asked, noticing Pa wearing Charles’ pocket watch.

“Oh, they’re still lookin’ for me. Have a seat and I’ll get ya some more lemonade.” She stood to enter the home, but he stopped her.

“No…I…think…I should…leave…” he said, but Garner jumped up and, with one rapid move, twisted his scrawny neck, dropping him like a rock.

“If’n a person wants ta live, they don’t come ‘round here,” Garner said, sneering and spitting on the dead man before picking his pockets clean.

“What did ya find? What did ya find?” Pa asked, grabbing what he could from his equally greedy son before Garner ran off and hid his share of the loot.

“Ya best start field-dressin’ them boys before the animals smell them,” Ma instructed, running her gnarled fingers over a family photograph Riley kept in his breast pocket before shoving it inside her apron. “I can’t stand no varmint’s hang’n around. It’s unsanitary.”

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