Monday, April 6, 2015

Book Spotlight on Kaylee Feagans

Hello all, and welcome to JoAnne's Blog. This week I have the lovely Kaylee Feagans, as my author guest. She is here to showcase her new contemporary romance, "Second Chances". Please make her feel welcome and leave those comments we authors love getting. Now here's Kaylee.

 Excerpt: Wyatt has slowly started living again since the death of his wife. When he sees Lizabeth visiting next door, he finds an instant attraction, and she seems to feel the same way. Can he let the past go and take a second chance at true happiness?

Liz is tired of the men she usually meets. She wants one that doesn’t mind spanking her butt or using handcuffs. When her life is threatened, her whole submission and domination philosophy changes. She wants to protect those she cares for, even Wyatt. As she tries to keep things under wrap, all hell begins to break loose. With Wyatt hot on her tail, she’s determined to keep control of the situation.

Wyatt is resolved that the killer won’t get a shot at his woman, if she would just cooperate with him. When things don’t quite go as planned, who will be the person to save her?

Bio: Kaylee Feagans

 I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and spent the first part of my life in Independence. Later, I moved to Georgia where I have resided ever since. I am married with one son, five cats, four turtles, and a dog. I have been an avid reader all my life. I even got my Master’s degree in Reading.

In high school, I began to write in earnest. I so badly wanted to become an author. After a conversation with my health occupations teacher, I lost confidence in my abilities and put it on hold for ten years or so. But after suffering a lay-off, I decided to try my hand at writing again. I have really enjoyed doing what I love so much –putting the characters I love in stories.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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