Monday, April 6, 2015

News: Author Seeking Funds for Artistic Endeavor

Hello and HAPPY, HAPPY EASTER to everyone. I am JoAnne Myers, a mother, grandmother, published author of 7 books, expiring screenwriter, animal lover, volunteer and widow. I am seeking monetary aid too help fund my screenwriting career. I need your help with my campaign.Most of my stories are family oriented and geared toward the young adult audience. Give all that you can here

I am not one to ask for money and not offer something in return. Here is my Amazon author page   where my books can be viewed and purchased if you rather do that than donate. The choice is yours. My books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Melange Books, and Black Rose Writing. I dearly appreciate all help. Thank you.

Please help or share   I am also a participant in Fools For Books Giveaway Hop, and donating my books as a way to help those who cannot afford to purchase them. I came from a poor working class family, and I know the awful feeling to go without. Here is the link to view my excerpts for the Fools For Books Giveaway Hop, 

If you appreciate art in its many forms, please donate now

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