Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Love's Curse

Hello and welcome to JoAnne's Blog for another wonderful round of The Paranormal Love Wednesday Blog Hop.  This week I have an excerpt from "Loves Curse" one fantasy tale in my anthology, "Loves, Myths, and Monsters."  Please Enjoy.


Blurb: When an Egypt love curse scroll is stolen from a Dean’s office, persons begin dying in bizarre and grisly ways, with the college’s mascot a Viking King statue jokingly blamed for it.
Setting:  Det. Wang and his love interest Amunet visit Amunet’s college after hours. While there, Det. Wang encounters murder suspect Karla, forging through her recently murdered daughters locker. Det. Wang insists on an inappropriate search of Karla’s person.

Excerpt: She trembled with forbidden pleasure, finding his large strong hands inviting. Her nipples hardened. “I’ll have your badge for this,” she whispered.

He leaned in and sighed, “No one will believe you; you’re a murder suspect.” Then he placed his hands on her firm buttocks, and, caressing her hips and back with both hands, he blew on the back of her soft, highly fragrant neck.

“You’re a bastard,” she moaned, turning over to give him better access to her oh-so-willing front.

“Yes, but the ladies love me, anyway.” He unbuttoned her white silk blouse to suckle her breasts. “And you will too.” They locked lips. The kiss was long and hot. But both were so engrossed, neither knew they had an audience.

Karla kissed him in return and slid her hands up his shirt and onto his sweaty skin. He then reached under her skirt and ripped off her moist panties. She in turn unzipped his jeans, which allowed them to bump buggies against the lockers.

While searching the passageways for her ride, Amunet was alerted by the unmistakable sounds of fornication coming from the nearby hall. She crept to the metal and glass door behind her.

“Kill her!” Amunet ordered, pointing her puppet at Karla.

The bronze monster immediately obeyed by kicking down the door.

“No! No!” Karla shouted, trying to hide beneath a desk. Her weak attempt to escape, however, proved useless.

The Viking King reached in and dragged her into the open.

Again she screamed, just before the icon bit her face off.

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  1. Det. Wang IS inappropriate. Just how I like 'em.

  2. LOL. Laughing at PJ's comment. I'm thinking about the whole "face first" incident. Sounds like the icon knows this victim.

  3. Yikes! Bit her face off! That's not where I thought the scene was going. Great snippet. I'm intrigued to know more.